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Amanda has worked in various careers and industries, over the years.
Overcoming her own fears & challenges in both her own personal and professional life, she is now supporting others to overcome theirs.
The principal that underpins Amanda’s approach is that living a healthy, balanced life and performing well is the function of a positive state of mind, a vital, healthy body and a joyful spirit.  

No one function operates in isolation, and when one is confronted with internal and/or external stresses, it can affect the delicate balance of the others.
Amanda’s approach is solution focused and evidence based. She draws on cognitive, physical and emotional practices that enable people to continue to move towards feeling a connection of their own mind, body & spirit.
Amanda is an understanding, kind, compassionate Life Coach, Reiki Master, Theta Healing Practitioner / Teacher, a dynamic patient trainer, charismatic seminar presenter and confident public speaker.
We are at a critical time in our evolutionary journey, and it is now imperative for you to be in the driver’s seat to create not only your own health, peace, happiness and abundance, but to assist in the expansion of these qualities in others.

Meditating on the Beach
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