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Access Consciousness

Access Bars is a gentle technique of touching 32 points on the head.

During the Access Bars Session, the brain reaches a 'Theta Brain Wave State', the state of deep relaxation that activates self-healing of the body and opens a space of awareness in our lives.

The electrical charge in the brain is dispersed, which causes a release of all the energiesthat may be trapped in the brain and the body.

The bars contain all the limitations, thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, judgments and considerations you have stored in any lifetime. All of that is now limiting you and preventing you from choosing consciously and creating your life.

Bars therapies may assist in dissolving these limiting beliefs in one's life and body.

These points may seem similar to acupuncture or other techniques, but as a part of Access Bars they serve a completely different function. No other method has generated the kind of changes that Access Bars have.

The Bars therapies may assist in creating big changes in one's life to occur with total ease. Every Bars therapy is different.

By clicking here you can book an appointment.

1:! Appointments Available in - Port Macquarie, Wauchope, Harrington, Nabiac, Sydney

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