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As your coach, I fulfill a multifaceted role focused on your growth and success:

Guide and Mentor: By helping you clarify your goals, identify strengths, and develop strategies for your personal or professional improvement.

Supporter: During challenging times and obstacles I provide encouragement and assistance to you.

Accountability Partner: Keeping you on track towards your goals.

Skill Development: New skills can be acquired to further enhance your relationships, communication, decision-making, personal effectiveness, and leadership.

Strategy Developer: Together, we create action plans for achieving your desired outcomes.

Confidential Partner: Maintain confidentiality with you as we explore challenges and aspirations.

Champion for Success: By celebrating your achievements along the way, you can be empowered to reach your full potential.


Have you found that sometimes in your life, all you need is a  non-judgmental listener and a sounding board. 

Through questioning, encouragement, broadening your perspectives, I aim to enhance your flexibility and help you progress.

3 Sessions Over 6 Weeks $595.00



Are you feeling uncertain about where to start and needing support?

Identifying what aspect/aspects of your life you would you like to focus on and transform we can begin.

4 Sessions Over 7 Weeks $795.00


Do you feel at times you have   lost touch with who you are?
Do you feel diminished or overshadowed by strong personalities in your life?

Reclaim your sense of identity, self-esteem, personal

values and boundaries.

6 Sessions Over 10 Weeks  $1,195.00



Are you experiencing increased stress from work, family life,         or finances?
Do you feel overwhelmed?
Maintaining a healthy work-life balance can assist in the overall increase in your well-being and productivity.

12 Sessions Over 6 Months  $2,395.00


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